Is Instagram Competing with Vine?

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Is Instagram Competing with Vine?

Popular social network Instagram now has video’s! This highly successful social playground is centered around photo posting but it now giving users more than just a photo option. On Instagram (IG) each user has an account were he or she uploads photos an obtains followers who receive the users posting on their timeline.

The app is an offspring of historic social network Facebook and its recent competitor Vine (video sharing app) is a by-product of Twitter. Rumor is Instagram tried to one up Vine/Twitter with this video sharing addition; adding it just 5 month after Vine was launched. I feel a rivalry coming on. Instagram may have just ended the livelyhood of Vine. Users no longer have to use two apps to achieve the same out come, they can simply use instagram. Yet others feel differently. Here are statements from several analyst whom believe these two similar programs can co-exist becuase they serve two different audiences.

“The new Instagram feature lets users record videos three to 15 seconds long and apply one of 13 new filters. They can also edit their videos by deleting clips as they record them. And on iOS, the app has a ‘Cinema’ mode to reduce shakiness and produce more professional-looking video.

Vine is a more stripped-down service that records three- to six-second videos, with no filters, editing or image stabilization. Once a video is recorded, users can either save it, upload it or start from scratch.

Vine lets users easily share their videos on its dedicated social network, as well as on Twitter and Facebook; Instagram offers built-in sharing support for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and also Tumblr and Foursquare.”                                       —- analyst Greg Sterling

“Vine is like fast food, while Instagram video is more like eating in a nicer restaurant,Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sometimes you just need to grab a burger and get out the door. For Vine, it’s like, ‘share and forget.’

Others said Instagram and Vine don’t serve different audiences as much as they represent two different social networks and their efforts to retain and engage users.”                                                                     –Ovum analyst Jan Dawson

“Vine isn’t necessarily Twitter, and Instagram isn’t necessarily Facebook, but that doesn’t mean these apps aren’t part of the bigger collective [sites],

Social media networks realize that features around photography and video are things they need to have.

Part of what’s going on here is who these companies are and the reach they have, and I think that could really make a difference in terms of the popularity of these features,”                                  – Brian Blau (industry analyst with Gartner)

Today was the first day Instagram revealed this video feature to its users so there is no way of knowing how popular it will be,nor can we say if it will make Vine useless. The quotes above are mere speculation and should not be used as factful information on this topic. Try both programs out and form your own opinion.




Will Instagram video weed out Vine?

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