56th Annual Grammy Awards Recap

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56th Annual Grammy Awards Recap

2014 Grammy Awards began with great anticipation for the performances and battle to see which artist would take home the most awards. Nominations are one thing, but bringing home the whole enchilada is another. Many pondered over the highly coveted awards Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Many specuated a toss up between Thrift Shop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Compton native Kenndrick Lamar. A decision was formulated quickly once everyone realized Macklemore and Ryan lewis had already won three Grammy’s before the show even begun and then took home Best New Artist. No shocker there. How many of us will forget Thrift Shop anytime soon? Kennedrick will remain relavant in hiphop though and remembered for his unique performance collaboration with Imagine Dragons, true Grammy original. Besides, he was the ONLY hip-hop artist nominated for this category and to be so new on the scene is has really made a name for himself. His presence at the 2014 Grammy’s speaks volumes in itself.

The show began with Beyonce performing her sexy hit “Drunk in Love” alongside husband Jay Z and Im sad to say for all the hype surrounding the opening performance, this is a huge let down. What began as an incising number turned into a dull version of the video. Such a bore for its potential.

Next was Lorde who hit the Grammy stage for the 1st time. At only 17, Lorde held great confidence during her performance but it is unclear whether she held confidence or was possessed by something. Her movements were very jerky and odd, as if she was under the influence of something. Either that or she was really feeling the music. We hope for the latter.

Katy Perry brought flare to the stage when she performed her new hit featuring Juicy J ‘Dark Horse.’ Dance, style, hiphop, pop, everything. She came for the Grammy stage and gave it life.

Taylor Swift sung a ballad. Very soft and sweet. More mature than her usual performances. 

John Legend serenaded the crowd and his finance who watched from the crowd with his sentimental ballad ‘All of Me.’ He played the keys in his crisp white suit, spreading love in the air one cord at a time.

Then there was Pink who hung graciously above the audience; twirling and flipping on ropes while singing ‘Try’ followed by ‘Just Give Me a Reason.’ Beautifully done as always.

The fun didnt end there…New comer Sara Bareilles performed ‘Brave’ with Grammy winner and timeless song writer Carole King. The two combined a mix to ‘Brave’ and ‘Beautiful,’ it is was just that, a beautiful rendition.

Stevie Wonder made an appearance, as well as Pharrell, Jared Leto, 30 seconds to Mars, Metallica, Random Access Memory and many more. 

2014 Grammy Awards added an explosive performance to the show of ‘Same Love’ by none other than the duo whom took this year by storm and swept the Grammy’s, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Mary Lambert) whom performed a classic remix to ‘Same Love.’ Queen Latifah came into the performance midway to join 12 couples in marriage right before Madonna graced the stage to give the newlyweds  their first callabo ballad adding her voice to ‘Same Love.’ This was thee best performance of the night!


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