SAM I AM: Possibly Openly Gay Man in NFL Micheal Sam

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SAM I AM: Possibly Openly Gay Man in NFL Micheal Sam

Micheal Sam

Tall handsome glass of chocolate milk GAY!
Micheal Sam came out to his team mates of Missouri Tigers in 2012 during a exercise to get to know his teammates better. Although his team was supportive and they continued to play along side Sam this did not mean this would be the end of his struggles. As his senior year comes to an ends he question that arrives is will the NFL be willing to play along side him?

Sam since coming out to the world has dropped 70 spots on the roster even though he was leading the conference with 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for loss and to add whip cream to the sundae, In the toughest football conference in all of college football! There’s no doubt he’s more then qualified to play but his future career still lies within the National Football League hands. My biggest curiosity is if the top quarter back , receiver, safety etc just so happens to be gay would they drop them from the teams an risk a championship?? If so then sorry Sam u may wanna look into modeling. Yet if the don’t why can’t Sam prove himself as an athlete?
No matter who’s on his side it comes down to if the NFL is ready for an openly gay black man. Or better yet if the world is ready for a openly gay black football player.

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