Master P in Brutal Divorce After Ex Says he Kidnapped their Children

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Master P in Brutal Divorce After Ex Says he Kidnapped their Children
90′s street rapper turned mogul Master P is on the path to a brutal divorce with longtime wife and mother of children Sonya Miller. His no limit records empire and other business ventures succeeded to grow P’s net worth to around 200 million dollars, yet hw us leaving Sonya to raise her kids without any money. She is now on welfare and was forced to move in with son Romeo. Romeo claiming dad does take care of mom. They have a system where Sonya give bills to son Romeo and Romeo hands them off to his dad to get paid.
Sonya has filed for full custody of the three children the couple shared together. However, that is contingent upon her finding her children. Sonya claims her ex husband has kidnapped her children for the last two months and refuses to bring them back. Until the trial begins we will not know the severity of the couples relationship or how true these allegations are. But, if they are true maybe Sonya can get Romeo to bring the kids back when takes Master P his mothers bills every month. Like Really? Sure he could find out their ware bouts if she really tried, but letting them stay gone will help build her a better case in court.
We are not here to say who is right or wrong, we just add up the facts and these don’t seem to stack up properly.
What we do know is that Sonya has been down with him since day one. While he was out turning No Limit records into the powerhouse company she was holding down the house and family, raising their children. Sad that after so many years these two are fighting over money. If Master P is known as a very respectable stand-up guy in the entertainment industry could this have simply been a front for the world?

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