Taking Selfies Causes Diagnosed Condition

Taking Selfies Causes Diagnosed Condition

As social media continues to explode, users habitually take self-portrait photo’s commonly known as ”selfies.” The selfie movement has been adopted by all age groups, social networks, and has been hashtaged 97,105,501 times on Instagram. With its going popularity, psychologist have diagnosed this act an addition for those who simply cant stop turning the camera on themselves to create the perfect picture.

Cases of selfie addiction is not particularly surprising given the high counts of social media addiction to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine Instagram, etc. In most cases, these “addiction” are self-diagnosed or by someone whom does not have a license rto do so. Even-still, if these ill legitimized diagnosing individuals see too many selfie being taken they may drag you down to the nearest quack willing to treat you. Beware of the excessive behavior, it could actually be a more serious issue. Then again, this could all be a scheme by psychologist to treat perfectly sane people.

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