Beauty Tips: Secrets on Using HOusehold Items Inside of Buying Beauty Products

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Beauty Tips: Secrets on Using HOusehold Items Inside of Buying Beauty Products

Hello Ladies,

Have you ever tried to use your favorite finger nail polish and was out? Ever been in a rush and couldn’t find a tube of mascara that could thicken your lashes? Here are some beauty secrets that you can find in your home when your on the go or in between checks.

When you using mascara is important to know you should NEVER pump (slide brush up and down) tube, this lets air into the container and dries out the product. When using ALWAYS move brush in circular motion. In the event that even circling the tube doesn’t work try this. By adding a few eye drops into your mascara you and extend its life. Use clear eyes or any brand of choice and get those lashes back in full effect.

For a long time women (including myself) have used finger nail polish remover to get more use out of our favorite polishes.  NOw, this does stretch the polish allowing you to reuse. However, it thins it to the point of no return causing the polish to get clunky and not last as long on your nails. No really the best solution. A quick trick is to purchase a small bottle of finger nail polish thinner. This product does stretches the polish without messing up its natural state.

There are lot of household items that you can merge together to get beautified without going to the store. For instance, hand and or/ body scrub. You can create an at home scrub to be used where ever desired with products you use daily in the kitchen and bathroom. Take 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 table spoon on Olive Oil and mix together. Rub scrub on hands until the dead skin peels off then rinse with warm water. Towel dry afterwards, then add your favorite lotion to lock in the moisture.

These beauty secrets should help to save you time and money, while producing a look worth paying for.

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