Where Was Future When Ciara Was in Labor?

Where Was Future When Ciara Was in Labor?

Songstress Ciara finally went into birth a few days ago bringing a healthy baby with rapper Future into the world early Monday morning May 19th. Baby Zahir Wilburn is Ci Ci’s first and Futures 4th which may explain why he wasn’t in the delivery room when his finance was in labor.

According to Hot 97′s DJ Flex  Future no where near the delivery room. He was in fact seen performing live onstage Brooklyn NY  at the VICE Bacardi “Loud and Untamable” event hours after their child came into the world. Its not uncommon for performers to cancel shows when something more important (like having a child) comes up, but obviously Future didn’t find this event significant enough to change his plans. Horrible start to their future together as parents, but not that surprising that rapper such as Futrue would be totally dedicated a relationship with his 4th babies mother. Just sucks for Ciara that he wont even play the role of a happy couple knowing their in the spotlight.

Guess money really is the motive and everything else comes in second place.

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