Iggy Azalea Blasts Critics and Fans over Nicki Minaj Spat & Racist Comments

Iggy Azalea Blasts Critics and Fans over Nicki Minaj Spat & Racist Comments

Iggy Azalea is going off on her critics! The “Im so Fancy” rapper is upset because of the backlash she received from rapper Nicki Minaj’s fans  on Twitter. She is slamming her haters on a series of posts of the social network in attempts to let them know why they shouldn’t be coming at her any way but positive.


“Someone’s music you love doing great is never an excuse to horrible to others, that’s my point I suppose. I just find it really disgusting. So, don’t be cruel to one another fans and learn how much work it takes to achieve anything in life.”

Her temper tantrum on Twitter sprouted from fans putting her against the only other relevant female rapper Nicki Minaj.

Iggy is at the top of the charts right now, receiving a lot of notoriety for her music and just as much attention for being the exact opposite look of what you think of when imagine southern female rap. Forbes magazine article named Azalea “the undeniable leader of hip-hop” with the original title “Hip-hop is run by a white, blond Australian woman,” which fueled the fire for Nicki’s fans whom think she is without a shadow of a doubt the queen of hip-hop (at least at the moment.)

In an attempt to diffuse the situation first lady of Young Money complimented the Aussie rapper on Power 105.1 radio station saying,

“I think that congratulations [are] in order. Her single is doing really, really well and I think that’s a good thing. One thing I’m not is a hater.

If someone is doing something and they did it well, and their song is charting well, then congratulations. I just want female rappers to understand that I’ve kicked in a lot of doors for them and I just would appreciate if they would acknowledge that.”

Funny Nicki wants recognition, we remember a few major league female rappers that are still waiting on their shout out, such as Lil Kim and Missy Elliot. AnyWho.. Iggy made a good point in her Twitter rant on the issue. Check it out below:


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