SHOTS FIRED: T.I and Azealia Banks Beef Heatens, T.I Speaks on MTV (VIDEO INSIDE)

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SHOTS FIRED: T.I and Azealia Banks Beef Heatens, T.I Speaks on MTV (VIDEO INSIDE)

The beef between T.I and Azealia Banks just got 10x worst! Just when you thought the madness would die out and one of the parties would take the higher road, the shoot back harder. The fued came to light on social media recently after the release of T.I’s “No mediocre” single. This, caused Banks to come back at T.I by insulting his wife, and now Tiny put her two cents in via Instagram.  But of course, that wasn’t the end, since T.I has posted things about Banks that you would only say to your worst enemy.

It is no secret that Harlem rapper Azealia Banks and Miss Im so Fancy Iggy Azeala have beef. Banks made her dislike public after Iggy got the cover of XXL Magazine. which Banks thought to be obscured because of the Australian rappers multiple racist in her song D.R.U.G.S; Iggy mentions being a “slave master” along with other Tweets which have since been deleted. Now, with T.I’s singe ” No Mediocre” out, Banks redirected her anger to T.I calling his wife Mediocre. She then went on a Twitter rant, here are some Tweets below:

  • Men have such deluded ideas about what women should be doing.

The nigga shouting bad bitches this bad bitches that, is almost always at home with some busted bumpkin.

rap is not real. These niggas are all fronters.

But your wife has meth face.

And your wife can’t read.

I saw you backstage at Kanye and you had nothing to say.

I stood next to you ON PURPOSE. To see if you would say something.

I’m taller than you in my heels.

Come see me nigga.

And come by yourself.

this grown ass man with kids went and cropped his favorite part of the atlantis video and really threatened to put hands on me LOL

niggas really do be hella pussy. u went to jail a million times for guns and drugs and are gonna turn around and threaten some girl.

yea i shouldn’t of said it, BUT SO WHAT, IT WAS FUNNY, really had to take it to threats?

you’ve already been to jail for drugs and guns, your wife can’t read… can you be more of a statistic?

I BET HE WON’T DO SHIT. But sit and simmer, and watch the rest of the atlantis video.

T.I be voguing to atlantis.


T.I responded to these tweets by calling her a ”Mush Mouth Thot” but he went for the jugular when he found out she involved his wife.  Saying,

Well listen, I think anytime when we speak on – how should i say – matters that are above us, we merely bring attention to all of our weaknesses,” said T.I.”Her speaking on my family, on my people, I think people then look at her. They see what this person had to say. So let’s see what they look like. Oh, my word. You should have said that with a mask on,” said T.I. referring to Azealia’s tweet.

T.I. then threw the finisher by suggesting that Azealia burn her baby pictures.”Burn the baby pictures,” said T.I. emphatically.

“Ever since this person has been introduced into the community, they’ve done nothing but unnecessarily kick up dirt,” he concluded.

Will this be the end of the madness? Ofcourse not, Banks lives for the Drama. We’ll keep you posted.

The long storied beef between Banks and T.I’s Grand Hustle continues to spiral out of control, with no end appearing to be within reach.

WATCH VIDEO:MTV : T.I Responses to Azealia Banks Beef

Sources: XXL

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