Toni Braxton’s Assistant READS Tamar Braxton!!!!!

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Toni Braxton’s Assistant READS Tamar Braxton!!!!!

Toni Braxton’s assistant showed no mercy and READ Tamar Braxton to the fullest!!!!!!! The drama started after Tamar made a comment stating  ” I don’t know if I should comment on IG,  my stalker might get on board

It didn’t take long for her so called stalker to jump in full force!!




He continues his rant and finally finished her completely off!!!

iamz0You say your unbothered but talking about me throughout social media…my next response won’t be so “respectful”. So like I said…pick and choose your battles noece…never forget ;)  @tamarbraxtonher
iamz0Oh and since the post is about the show…shall we comment? On that lip synced non singing and dancing show of yours? got a soul train award acting like this I could only imagine if you got a BET award. Don’t tell us what you got nominated for tell us what you won Nephew. @tamarbraxtonher
iamz0Oh and again you have my number Mr. ESTINE





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