Kendall Jenner And Chris Brown In A Relationship?

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Kendall Jenner And Chris Brown In A Relationship?

New Couple Alert: It seems that Kendal Jenner is keeping the family tradition alive as she admits on an interview her interest in Chris Brown. The two have been spotted spending a generous amount of time together lately.  In their latest venture the couple got into a car accident,  And to make matters worse Tyga was in the back seat with Kylie, Double Date perhaps? What a slap in the face this is for Tyga‘s ex girlfriend Black Chyna especially since she is such good friends with Kim Kardashian.  IMG_0157.JPG

Some people believe that this is just a desperate attempt for Chris to bring attention to his upcoming album. And everybody knows if your looking for publicity than being up under a Kardasian s is exactly where you want to be!!







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