BREAKiiNG NEWS: Twitter King Joe Budden Can’t Control His Anger

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BREAKiiNG NEWS: Twitter King Joe Budden Can’t Control His Anger

Joe Budden can’t seem to control his anger. The rapper turned himself in to The New Jersey Police after an alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend (Not Tahiry or Katlyn). The attack supposedly caused server bruising to her body.

Reports show the Joe became irate because his ex was out partying and posting pictures on her Instagram WITH OTHER GUYS. Allegedly he drove to New York City, stole her phone, pushed her into his vehicle and started assaulting her, attempting to punched her face into the dashboard. Afterwards, it’s said that Joe drove back to New Jersey and continued to attack her at his home.

The NYPD twitter page posted that Budden was wanted for robbery/taking a cell phone. And of course the twitter king himself, Joe Budden responded “Ill be in a strip club in Astoria tonight. Let the “Man Hunt” know @NYPDNews.” He also threatened to sue the NYPD.

Joe then went on to tell NYC NBC that he regrets teasing the New York City Police on twitter and plans to fully cooperate. We guessing his lawyers got to him and explained how serious this case was. He was booked and released for domestic violence in NJ, and when he turns himself in to New York it will be for domestic violence and robbery for taking the chicks cellphone.

The twitter king of course had to let everyone know how he felt about the situation.

What’s even worst is that people are agreeing with him.

Joe Budden needs to learn to keep his hands to himself. And stop playing the blame game.



Dominique Larue
Source: New York Daily News, Twitter

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