Shocking News: Teen Dies After Drinking 4 Gallons of Water

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Shocking News: Teen Dies After Drinking 4 Gallons of Water

Watch what your drinking athletes. To much could be fatal! As with the case of Douglas County High School football player Zyrees Oliver.

17-year-old Oliver collapsed after drinking 4 gallons of water at football ball practice. Apparently the liquid intake shut down his liver, leaving him brain dead. He was taken off life support a week after his hospital admittance. Doctors believe Oliver suffered from a potentially deadly case of over-hydration.
Faculty staff and students are deeply saddened by the loss. According to USA Today, Douglas County High School Principal Dr. Tim Scott gave the following statement,
“We are saddened to inform you of the death of Zyrees Oliver, a senior at Douglas County High School. He passed away early this morning … Zyrees was part of the Tiger Family since the end of his sophomore year but during that short time he touched many lives. Zyrees was a blessing to his football and track teammates, his classmates, coaches and our school staff. The death of any young person is a loss that, in one way or another, affects each of us. We have lost one of our children but we will not forget his academic, athletic and overall impact and achievement he had on and while at our school.”
“The crisis team will be at Douglas County High School to help students and staff cope with this loss. We suggest parents discuss this matter with your children and respond to any questions that arise.”
Just a lesson for all the athletes and physically active people, remember to not over load your liver. Take it easy when drinking after heavy exercise /activity.

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