DipSets’ Cam’Ron offers EBOLA with STYLE!

Dominique Larue October 21, 2014 BREAKiNG NEWS, MUSiC, NEWS No Comments
DipSets’ Cam’Ron offers EBOLA with STYLE!

Everyone is looking to stay far away from the Ebola outbreak. DipSet Rapper Cam’ron wants you stay away from the virus IN STYLE.

The RAPPER has introduced a line of EBOLA MASKS with him and his pink accessories posted on the front. are taking pre-orders for  the masks for $19.99, and advertising them as “Polypropylene outer facing offers a soft, fluid protection barrier while the cellulose inner facing assures comfort and breathability.”

Cam’ron and the DIPSET team may be on to something if only EBOLA was an airborne virus. Maybe Cam and the team are just preparing for what may come, whatever the case they are going to have plenty available.


Dominique Larue


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