Amanda Bynes Threatens to Kill Parents, then Apologizes

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Amanda Bynes Threatens to Kill Parents, then Apologizes

Amanda Bynes has some serious issues!! TMZ released an audio clip (Saturday) of the child star today, and the content is rather disturbing. Amanda is speaking to what appears to be close friends (or at least we hope) giving them detailed information about her parents, then saying “I dont know how I want to kill them yet.” Still upset that her parents may have swindled money from her, Amanda has gone off the deep in. Is she seriously contemplating this?

The video is said to have been recorded by a roommate she was living with in Hollywood. She rambles for most of the recording, but in the mist she says some pretty harsh statements that could have her facing jail time if her parents plan to press charges. It is likely Amanda didnt know she was being recorded, and has since issued an apology via her lawyer today.

The letter makes a few points such as “I’m sorry I trusted people who clearly were not my friends and capitalized on my illness,” and “I am doing my best to get better.” Amanda told Access Hollywood :


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    Whits kids smh

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