Tom Cruise Robbing the Craddle: New Dating Rumors

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Tom Cruise Robbing the Craddle: New Dating Rumors

Is Tom Cruise seriously persuing Lindsay Lohan now?? The two were spotted exchanging numbers at a restaurant this weekend and now sources tell us they may be hooking up. Just to put things in perceptive Tom is 52-years-old and Lindsay is only 28. Lindsay needs to Tom to help vitalize her career, something he couldnt help his ex-wife Katie Homes do while married or post marriage. Anywho, Tom wants Lindsay to “help him relax and have more fun.”

The British tablods say, Tom is spending time with Orlando Bloom’s ex Miranda Kerr. The two have been meeting up and plan to go public soon, according to the magazine. Miranda is 32, older than Lindsay but still 20 years younger than her secret counterpart. His past tells us, Tom only dates in that age range. So, cogars… dont waste your time.

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  1. Dawn November 4, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Tom is sexy. What girl wouldn’t want him? Honestly

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