Want to be a Singer with No Talent? No Problem! (See How Inside)

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Want to be a Singer with No Talent? No Problem! (See How Inside)

Want to be a singer with no natural talent? No problem. A study found that with a little practice and training ANYONE can be decently good at singing. So American Idol watch out! We have a whole new population that may be eligible for auditions if this study holds true.

According to Mark and Mercedes show, Justin Stoney founder of Vocal Coaching Academy in NewYork City says,

“the voice can be trained in just about everyone. The evidence says, if you really apply good technique anyone can learn to sing well. Musical training is all just really science.”

Now, take in to consideration, those with natural talent will of course progress further and faster than those with no ear for music. So dont think your going to Beyonce if you dont have any natural talent or the Micheal Jordan of singing but you will have a chance to tolerated in public after a few lessons.

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