Eminem Announces “Im Gay” in Interview Clip (VIDEO)

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Eminem Announces “Im Gay” in Interview Clip (VIDEO)

The Christmas release of ‘The Interview‘ brought Eminem fans a special gift, the truth of his hidden sexuality. In the film, Em is being interviewed by James Franco’s character when he announces, “I’m gay” to the cameras. The rapper goes on to list song lyrics that contain homosexual innuendos. Em claims to have been leaving a trail of gay hits in his music for years.

The movie shocked the world with this news, as well as its portrayal of North Korea leader Kim Jong-Um, who couldn’t be happy of its release. Unfortunately for every gossip rat in the world, Em is not really gay. He was simply acting during the movie, which everyone knows he is very good at after seeing ’8 Mile’ the movie based on his life that Em also stared in.

Watch the clip below,


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