Video of Diddy Blasting Drake for Stealing “0-100″

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Video of Diddy Blasting Drake for Stealing “0-100″
We may have just found the real reason rap mogul P Diddy splashed out Sunday and sent Drake to the hospital. With the Chris Brown and Karrueche breakup surfacing, many, assumed Drake was attempting to take Diddys girl but in all actuality he really stole …. His record.
TMZ released a video of Diddy onstage back in June of 2014 bashing the Canadian rapper right before he plays the beat to “0-100.” Diddy turns to the crowd and says “I hope someone is recording this, I’ma play this next beat. I gave this n—-a, this n—a stole this sh– from me.”
This mind you, a tape recorded in June.. Now, let’s fast forward to December, days before the fight, what happened? Drake received a Grammy nomination for the song Diddy has been claiming for months. Now, it makes since why Diddy spazzed out. It wasn’t his girlfriend Cassy it was his other love, music. Sources say Diddy blurted out ”You’ll never disrespect me again” before hitting Drake.

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