Excuse Me Sir, Is That A Sweater Dress?

LiiveFancii February 17, 2015 BREAKiNG NEWS, FANCii FAiLED, FASHiON No Comments
Excuse Me Sir, Is That A Sweater Dress?

Fashion evolving and become sex less is a great exploration of imagination that Liivefanciisupports. Designers trying to make fashion unisex is a    tricky task…BUT excuse me if I hit the PAUSE button! No future should ever involve a man in a sweater dress!

Someone once said “Pretty people can wear anything, but that doesn’t mean they should.” Models are handsome and are paid well to wear a fashion statement but please make haste in considering wearing these trends off the runway. Although these gentlemen have a physiques to wear it all, I pray they choose a more sensible path to wearing the select items. As always Liivefancii doesn’t hate the trend we just hope you realize this is just a fashion statement.

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