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When you think of Black History Month you think of all the obstacles that black people have over come. The separation has always been white and black. The divide goes even deeper than that though. White people see all shades of black people as just black, but for us we see it totally different. We see shades. Light skin and dark skin is how we have divided ourselves. This racial divide has forced a wedge between our race and tension is at its highest now, Dark skin people have the notion that they are more pure then light skin people. That they are closer to their roots and light skin people have lost the culture. They think of light skinned people as house niggas still. While on the other hand light skin people feel as if they are somehow better than dark skin people because of their complication. Light skinned people feel as if they have more beauty because their hair is not as course and their eyes are lighter,  All of these negative associations we have towards each other are something that white people has instilled in us years ago but we cant seem to shake the stigma. Light skinned people where the slaves that white people allowed to work in the house. While the darker people had to work in the fields doing much harder labor. This is the root of our divide. Light skinned people felt as if they have more privilege than the darker people. While darker people felt as if the light skinned people have sold out for a little white privilege. This thought has plagued our race for hundreds of years now. This has damaged our self worth for both light and dark people. Dark people avoid the sun to not get to dark while light people tan so they are not to white. We have allowed white people to divide us into these categories Light/Dark. While all they see are black people, no matter the shade you are to them you are just BLACK. They only way we can truly overcome the racial dived in our country is to stand together as black people. No matter your shade of black you are still black. Happy black history month.



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