Rapper The Game & 40 Glocc Beef Rehashed by Tattoo

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Rapper The Game & 40 Glocc Beef Rehashed by Tattoo

So, rapper the Game is calling out 40 Glocc on the gram. You know this whole new age cyber bulling, well that basically whats going on. The two emcees got into a notorious altercation a few years ago outside a home in Hollywood California. The fight was seemed really bad, a video of it went viral so 40 Glocc involved law enforcement, pressing assault charges on The Game. Wait.. no shade but when did super “thug” rappers call the cops? ANy

According to 40, he filed the lawsuit because the fight/video wasnt “street s***” but more for entertainment purposes. 40 stated, “i get paid to entertain” and the Game is compensating from the video to gain exposure.

Three years later, the lawsuit is still in litigation and The Game is using social media to get a rise out of the situation again. He posted a picture of his Mike Tyson tattoo with the caption,

“Now when the judge ask me in court if I whooped 40 glock ass I can truthfully say no & blame it on @MikeTyson …. My right hand man lol,”

Check out the video. You cant tell here, but 40 Glocc claims he was jumped several times for 20 minutes straight by Games security. Game claims self defense.

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