Beyonce Drops $300,000 on New Heels for Video (MUST SEE)

Beyonce Drops $300,000 on New Heels for Video (MUST SEE)
 When Queen Bey goes shopping your bound to see extravagant things. This time beyonce plans to step on the scene literally walking on diamonds.

Bey reportedly spent $312,000 on a pair of stilettos for her new video scheduled to release in August 2015. The shoes are from The House of Borgeize. The gold encrusted stilettos are embellished with 1,290 fine diamonds from strap to sole. The ‘Princess Constellation’ shoes were also purchased with the accompany of a 85,000 gold belt states Birmingham Mail. The shoes are Ridiculous!! (In a good way) and like Borgeize put it “They are the crown jewel of stilettos.
My suggestion is, if you not a fan, you may wanna hop on that band wagon!!! You never know… a diamond may pop off lol.

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