Lets Stalk Fall Fancii Fashion

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Lets Stalk Fall Fancii Fashion

Summer is sadly coming to a sizzling end, yet with every ending there is sure to spawn a new beginning! The 2015 Fall trends have hit the runway and are already buzzing with “Ooo’s and Ahh’s” Especially in Liivefancii’s opinion.

Editors and designers are so eager for the fall trends that they have collectively compiled the must haves list for 2015 trend setters. The designs are simple, vintage, chic, eye catching and fun rolled into one season.

1. Bling Bling (rings, pendants, brooches, hairpins)
2. Car wash Pleated Skirts
3. Combat boots (colors are fun but black is essential)
4. Coat Cuffs( fur cuffs brings the 70′s chic feel back)
5. gloves(ANY length, style, color, pattern, and texture…just get some!)
6. Grey Suits (grey is the color they want to emphasize think “50 shades” lol)
7. High waist apparel (dont just stop at the navel go to their ribs gives an awesome leg line)
8. Patterned stockings (The least expensive, but creative twist to any short length outfit)
9.High Thigh Boots (Needless to say you can be uncovered while covering up)
10.Turtleneck Dickies (fun new twist on a turtleneck, it the neck without the turtle)

Mix n Match find what best fit your closet! Have Fun and We can’t wait to see what Fall brings out in you!

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