Future Drops Video for “Rich $ex” featuring Blac Chyna ! (But Thats Not it)

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Future Drops Video for “Rich $ex” featuring Blac Chyna ! (But Thats Not it)

Future drops the very sexy video for his single “Rich $ex” today. The song is very simple and the video portrays that to the fullest with only 3 scenes in the entire 4 minute video.

The interesting part is that Futures new girlfriend Blac Chyna is in the video as the leading lady. The means shes half naked in every scene, which is to be expected given the title of the song and its content.

BUT what makes this even more interesting is the release date. Future dropped his video today… today is also Tyga‘s birthday. For all who dont know, Tyga is Blac Chyna’s ex and father to her son King. SHAAAADDDEEEE or coincidence??

Before you answer that, think back a little bit to when Chyna posted that fake picture of the Future tattoo on her hand. Remember? Ok, notice anything significant about that day? It was Ciara (Future’s baby mothers) birthday.


Chillleee they playing with the internet ratings and WINNING. Although we seriously doubt either Ciara or Tyga care about this fling being that they’ve both been in serious relationships for some time now.

Check out the video



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