Patti LaBelle Pie’s Sell Over $1 Million due to Viral Video (MUST SEE)

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Patti LaBelle Pie’s Sell Over $1 Million due to Viral Video (MUST SEE)

Don’t come Patti LaBelle and her pies because they selling like hot cakes!

Many may have noticed the recent boost of attention Patti’s Pies are getting on various social media outlets. This sprung up after James Wright Chanel posted a review on the pies that went viral ! The video received close to 9 million views. Patti even called Chanel to thank him.
Well, let’s fast forward to this weekend when Patti’s Pie flew off their Walmart shelves. The video translated into over $1 million in sales in just a few days! The pies are now SOLD OUT!
According to John Forest Ales, Walmart representative, it has been very difficult to replenish the stock of pies fast enough.
He says,
“For 72 hours, we were selling one per second. Friday morning, the team was working with the [sweet potato pie] supplier to see how we can keep up with the demand. The supplier… was having a hard time finding [enough] sweet potatoes. So we walked down the hall to the produce department [and said,] we need about 2 million pounds of California sweet potatoes! So that’s what we’ve been working through.”
WELP! If you have some extra sweet potatoes laying around trade them to Walmart for a few extra coins. Lol So, will they cut Chanel a check for the boost in sales or will Patti be Petty with the Pie?
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