Adele Declines to go to Rihanna Concert : (Guess WHY!)

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Adele Declines to go to Rihanna Concert : (Guess WHY!)

So Adele, as we know is selling out shows performing her contagious new ballads. Well, her and rebel Rihanna are set to share the same venue a day apart. According to sources, Adele would love to see Rihanna perform but respectfullydecided against attending the show.

Adele is afraid going to Rihanna’s show will damage her vocal chords. Why would she think that? Probably becuase of the ocnstant weed smoke that will fill the air. It is no secret that Rihanna blazes at her shows, at other shoes, heck, everywhere she goes. So, Adele is staying out of sight.

She may be afraid of the second hand smoke high she will get. Sad day for Adele as she admits to being Rihannas biggest fan on a late night talk show.

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