Fetty Wap’s New Video “Wake Up” gets Principal Suspended

Fetty Wap’s New Video “Wake Up” gets Principal Suspended

Rapper Fetty Wap filmed his latest music video for single “Wake Up” at his old highschool in New Jersey. This, was seemly a good idea as the song is about him having trouble waking up for class as a young boy and having to make it through school. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the video’s strong remarks about marijuana, women dancing at the in the halls/ classroom provocatively, and shooting dice. Fetty repeats the line “Get Wiz Khalifia high, get medicated” as if he is encouraging school goers to get high as soon as they get up so that they can bare school or to do this while ditching school.

The highschool in question has suspended the principal that gave Fetty the greenlight to film the song without proper investigation of the song or vision for video. Reports show the now suspended principle as being great in that role and causing alot of positive changes since being in the role but this did not matter.

Over 100 people protested the principles suspension and Fetty spoke to the board of directors and apologized saying,

“If i disrespected anyone i came to apologize but i also want people to know that i am a product of my environment.”


Here is the video:

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