The Game Reports Smashing 3 Kardashians —- They say “Its a LIE”!

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The Game Reports Smashing 3 Kardashians —- They say “Its a LIE”!

Rapper The Game is not new to speaking his mind. He has been in countless Twitter beefs and real life ones due to his inability to hold his tongue and in his latest single “Sauce” he says more than we would have imagined. “Sauce” features Dj Khalid and the Game speaks about his time in the game including celebrities that he has slept with.

He raps,

“I use F*&% B*&^% that Usher Raymon passed off, then i f&*% 3 Kardashians hold that thought.”

Welp, thats some sauce Game. The Game dated Kim back in the day so shes probably one. Khloe and The Game are good friend, who hes been seen with alot, including a video that surfaced of her giving him a lap dance. He reports knowing him since she was 14, so alot of opportunity for him to smash more than one sister.

WAIT! There’s MORE! Sources close to the Kardashians say the Game is a liar and he is only 1 for 3. According to TMZ, you can rule out Kylie, Kendell, Khloe, Kris, and Kourtney.

Check it out,

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