Miami Dolphin’s Arian Foster Speaks Out on Taking the Knee

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Miami Dolphin’s Arian Foster Speaks Out on Taking the Knee

Many athletes have chosen to speak out against things going on in the world today by taking a different approach to the norm during the National Anthem is sung. It is tradition to stand and hold your right arm over your heart while the anthem is sung and to remain quiet. Well, lately NFL and NBA stars alike have banned together in taking a knee before the game, while the song is being played.

Miami Dolphin’s Arian Foster spoke out on his view on taking the knee today.

Fans are outraged by Fosters reaction and have began burning his jersey as they’ve done Collin Kaepernick.

Foster says,

“they say its not the time to do this, well when is the time? Its never the time in somebody elses eyes because they’ll always feel like its good enough. And some people don’t. And That’s the beautiful thing about this country is if somebody feel its not good enough they have their right. And thats all were doing is exercising our right.”

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