Beyonce Powers Through Tidal Performance While Bleeding

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Beyonce Powers Through Tidal Performance While Bleeding

Is it safe to say Beyonce is a hero-human? The mega singing, acting, and dancing phenomenon is one the great performers of our time and her name will go down in the history books! When Yonce steps on stage she stills the show, and her performance at Tidal last night was no different.

Bey, stepped onstage and killed it! She even performed so hard that she snatched her earring out her ear, started bleeding, and STILL powered through. Beyonce doesn’t skip a beat! Her band mate Michelle can fall, her ear can bleed, NOTHING will stop Bey from putting on a good show.

Super-Bey touches her ear during her performance, sees blood, and continues without skipping a beat! This woman, is truly amazing.

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