Lady Gaga Announces NO MORE Crazy Costumes

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Lady Gaga Announces NO MORE Crazy Costumes

Lady Gaga is known for her many talents. She is an out of this world performer, singer, and actor, but one of the main things associated with the ionic talent is her outrageous costumes.

Now, Gaga has been off the scene for a second filming her leading role in “American Horror Story”, but for all who forgot here are some of the get ups Gaga wears on an average day.

I mean, we are talking about the woman who showed up the a red carpet in a full meat costume.

So, needless to say we see why her transition to a simpler fashion choice is announcement worthy. Well, this news comes 108 days before Gaga’s Superbowl performance. WHat can we expect from her if not outrageous? Jeans?

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    She does the most

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