Rihanna’s MISSING Background Dancer Found

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Rihanna’s MISSING Background Dancer Found

Rihanna’s missing background dancer Shirlene Quigley has been located. The 32-year-old dancer whom has worked with the likes of Betonce, Missy Elliot, Rihanna, and many more reportedly went missing this weekend. She was last seen early Sunday morning in the Port Authority vicinity in midtown Manhattan.

North Bergen Police Department Detectives in cooperation with the NYPD conducted an extensive search to locate Quigley. Missy Elliot and Rihanna reached out to fans, urging them to help in the search efforts as well. North Bergen Police are happy to say that Quigley has been found via their Instagram account. The department posted a photo of Quigley on Tuesday with the caption,

“After an extensive search by North Bergen Police Department Detectives in cooperation with the NYPD, we have located the Shirlene Quigley. She is safe and at a medical facility which location is undisclosed at this time. North Bergen Police Detectives have contacted her father and he is in route from Los Angeles to reunite with his daughter. We are very pleased with this outcome. We want to thank the New York City Police Department for their tremendous amount of cooperation in this matter.”

No details have been released as to what occurred causing Quigley to go missing and her hospital location is not being announced at this time for obvious reasons.

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