White Student Dresses as Thief for Cultural Day

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White Student Dresses as Thief for Cultural Day

High school student Josh Welch made a major statement in Silver Springs, MD with his cultural day costume. 17-year-old Welch dressed as a thief, wearing all black to the event. He took to Twitter to explain his look staying,

“Dressed like a thief for culture day bc white people steal everyone else’s culture.”

The tweet has since received over 37,000 retweets! Welch’s statement and photo has gained a lot of attention. Welch had an interview with BuzzFeed in which he gave more insight to his stance on social injustice saying,

“Being a huge advocate for social justice, I was excited to come to school and participate in some grassroots activism.”

Welch explains the reactions he received at school below saying he had to explain his costume to almost everyone.

“When they understood it, everyone freaked out,” he said. “Some people laughed their asses off and others were shocked.”

[He got into a tiff ] “a tiff with a more conservative teacher about how I ‘shouldn’t make political statements with my costumes.’”

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  1. Laura October 11, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    This is true sadly enough and im white.

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