African Dashiki Fashion

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African Dashiki Fashion

This summer major magazines, such as, Ellen and Allure have published articles “claiming” to have spotted the newest, hottest trend, the African Dashiki. In agreement the garments worn by West African individuals as a norm are culturally inspiring as well as a gorgeous adornment for any closet. Yet the beautiful culture behind the garments should be appreciated as well, not just passed on as a trend.

The dashiki is worn formally and informally by West African men as a common attire. The attire itself most hand woven by the women having color symbolizing feelings or representations of royalty, harmony, mourning and many other things. These garments being found intriguing by Walter Eugene from Detroit MI when furthering his studies in African American History traveled across the oceans into small manufacturers in the 1940′s. Almost a century later they are now being worn by stars such as Beyonce, Rhianna, Zendaya, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more.

So needless to say Dashiki aren’t just trends, they’re heritage.

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