Make Up Trend in Japan “The Hungover Look”

LiiveFancii February 1, 2016 No Comments
Make Up Trend in Japan “The Hungover Look”

Japan I’d one of the fashion capitals of the world. Whenever a new trend has started, tyically, it’s from japan. But has Japan lost us on this trend?

In Japan ladies are now applying makeup to actually look hungover! (Insert confusion/wtf emoji please)lol. The Japanese apply blush under the eyes, give hair a greased look and even make they’re eyes look puffy.

They say the look gives off a daring, fun, sensual, risky look. The Japanese stand behind this belief so much that they have youtubed makeup tutorials. Just input the keywords japanese hangover makeup tutorial and check it out.
That being said, I’m all for a new hot trend but I think I’ll leave this trend in japan.

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